Sudoku Online
Packed with features.
Original version
Sudoku Daily Challenge
Sudoku Sniper
Challenge computer opponents to Sudoku! It's exciting, it's fun.
Live play against human opponents.
Shichi Sudoku
Solve these really challenging seven-grid Sudoku puzzles online. Unique to DKM.
Samurai Sudoku
Solve these challenging five-grid Sudoku puzzles online.
Hyper Sudoku
Excellent Sudoku variation.
Sudoku Points Challenge
Solve the same puzzle as others simultaneously and score as many points as possible. A new challenge every five minutes.
Sudoku Multi
Solve the same puzzle with up to four others simultaneously. First to complete the puzzle wins. You can observe how the other players are doing.
Great Sudoku variation where the grid is in the shape of a honeycomb. Really challenging but all the hint, clue and solve options available.
Word Sudoku
Unique derivative of Sudoku where you need to place given words into a grid.
New! Watch the pros solve puzzles - replay winning games from Sudoku Points.