Guess the Movie is a quiz where you need to identify the movie titles. Each quiz comprizes five movies. You are shown the word makeup of each title and the movie tagline to start and given 90 seconds to guess the title. As you enter letters, they will be filled in (if correct). After 30 seconds, hints will start being displayed to help you.

A new quiz will be available each day (EST) plus the previous week's quizzes.


If you solve the movie in time, you score 100 points plus 1 point for each second remaining. For each letter/number you enter incorrectly, you lose 10 points except for vowels where you lose 30 points.

  (Thursday 24 Apr)

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PosHigh Scores Today Yesterday
1jsander543 leengee661
2teasipper483 maggiemay622
3lorryman473 terrij616
4griz691452 jiggy614
5xfiler437 BogglinRat612
6neelu87 goblue87606
7   Calvario601
8   tls4183600
9   Brafford597
10   starbuck596
11   zazzo570
12   Dreamvaca570
13   lojical1566
14   waltmae565
15   griz691563
16   smarty561
17   sleepygiant559
18   Mountain555
19   Phillyphool550
20   qedmike548