Guess the Movie is a quiz where you need to identify the movie titles. Each quiz comprizes five movies. You are shown the word makeup of each title and the movie tagline to start and given 90 seconds to guess the title. As you enter letters, they will be filled in (if correct). After 30 seconds, hints will start being displayed to help you.

A new quiz will be available each day (EST) plus the previous week's quizzes.


If you solve the movie in time, you score 100 points plus 1 point for each second remaining. For each letter/number you enter incorrectly, you lose 10 points except for vowels where you lose 30 points.

  (Saturday 20 Sep)

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PosHigh Scores Today Yesterday
1leengee833 sillypants756
2TheFlyingV745 Dingdonger749
3Puffymc7744 elkster739
4kuching741 goblue87726
5Dingdonger727 Bobo7777720
6BogglinRat719 Brafford713
7Toys714 keithste710
8Fschwartz700 sleepygiant709
9jsander697 BogglinRat705
10nanaclaudia685 ZRT699
11lojical1683 Tabor58695
12mooduc671 bandw694
13Ferrel654 smarty693
14Finnegan652 Alasdair681
15ComputerGuru649 teasipper672
16sillypants645 jiggy669
17Tywwia645 mags665
18bandw638 terrij662
19goblue87635 jsander655
20Alasdair630 Grammargirl655